June 22, 2007

Sir Salman Rushdie, and the spineless political elites

I haven't written anything yet on the demonstrations against Sir Salman's new knighthood. Basically I felt that the whole the Muslims are taking offence, again, thing was rather tedious and the unfortunately predictable response to this well deserved recognition of Sir Salman's importance to literature. I had expected it to have blown over by now with a few ritual flag burnings, before the fanatics in question went back to beating their wives or whatever it is that the Koran allows them for recreation (which obviously wouldn't involve literature, or music, or dancing, or painting, or flying kites etc.). I hadn't wanted to give them any more of the oxygen of publicity but I can't hold back any longer. As already we are seeing the lack of backbone of our craven political elite, I might as well add my couple of pounds of bile to go along with the wise words of others.

Luckily Sir Salman's honour cannot be taken away by the officious appeasing idiots because it is officially the Queen's, and not theirs, to take back so you get things like this:
Beckett has defended the knighthood given to author Salman Rushdie, but says Britain is "sorry" if the award has caused offense.
Speak for yourself bitch, the only thing to be sorry about is we didn't give him an honour sooner. If these idiots somehow think that they have any right to dictate what can and cannot be said because it might cast some doubt over the validity of what a pedophiliac warlord made up over a thousand years ago then they are living in a dreamworld (as was Mohammed).

To the people that somehow equate writing a novel to funding the murder of over three thousand people; screw you and the camel you rode in on (an activity which they themselves probably broke off from in order to make that statement).

Finally, Lord Ahmed. Stop trying to blame the victims you twat. People have died because of The Satanic Verses controversy, but they where killed by the religious fanatics. It is the religious fanatics that deserve the blame for the actions of the religious fanatics. Not the murdered, and not Sir Salman who lost ten years of his life to the cretinous fuckwits and was lucky to to lose it completely, like the other victims. To do otherwise not only insults the victim but also denies the humanity of the cretinous fuckwits themselves. They are people and therefore have the capacity to make informed choices. They choose the path of violent stupidity of their own free will. The responsibility for that choice is theirs and theirs alone. Now crawl back to rimming whichever Labour grandee gave you that title and please don't trouble us again.


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